Putting Pen to Palm Leaf: Buddhism and Literature Series

Drawing on her own novels, her Zen practice and Buddhist texts, Ozeki will discuss some of the ways in which autobiographical narrative fiction might function as praxis—a way of observing, interrogating and deconstructing the “self” to perform, or act out, core Zen teachings of no-self, emptiness and depended co-arising.

Christian Science Monitor: Starch-free protest

Ozeki balances intimate and global concerns perfectly...a winning mixture of wit and tenderness. It’s a jungle of a plot, a riot of literary species, sown with strains of deadly satire and heartrending tragedy - winding around kitchen table discussions about family duty and through the international debate on genetically modified food.
— Ron Charles, Christian Science Monitor

March 13, 2003
Christian Science Monitor
Starch-free protest
Ron Charles.