Putting Pen to Palm Leaf: Buddhism and Literature Series

Drawing on her own novels, her Zen practice and Buddhist texts, Ozeki will discuss some of the ways in which autobiographical narrative fiction might function as praxis—a way of observing, interrogating and deconstructing the “self” to perform, or act out, core Zen teachings of no-self, emptiness and depended co-arising.

Paste Magazine: A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING named one of the top 10 Must-Listen Audiobooks

Paste Magazine has compiled a comprehensive list of 10 Must-Listen Audiobooks for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

This is a list that is for everyone, in its entirety. Every one of these stories and performances are valuable for every American (and beyond). So get listening!
— Alexis Gunderson, Paste Magazine

KonMari Newsletter: Embracing the Time Being

It’s precisely because we are all so intimately interconnected that we can create collective change by changing ourselves. Marie talks about how, by tidying your own room, you will set off a chain reaction, and others in your house will begin to tidy, too. This is true for other qualities, like kindness and compassion and environmental awareness. We clean up our own act first. We do our best to inspire—quietly, patiently, and by example—knowing that we will keep trying no matter what.
— Ruth Ozeki

The Washington Post Podcast: Other: Mixed Race in America

The privacy that reading fiction gave me, that sense of solitude [while] also being in company [of] another mind was...very important to me, and very precious. From a very early age, I wanted to do that. I wanted to make that same kind of magic happen.
— Ruth Ozeki

May 5, 2017
The Washington Post, Alexandra Laughlin
How Ruth Ozeki Renamed Herself
Other: Mixed Race in America Podcast


We’re blessed with these imaginations and empathy is not something passive. It’s active. It’s something that we can do both as writers and as readers.
— Ruth Ozeki

December 6, 2016
Literary Hub
Writing the Body: Trauma, Illness, Sexuality and Beyond
Red Ink Reading Series with Ruth Ozeki, Eileen Myles, Porochista Khakpour, Anna March, and Alexandra Kleeman, hosted by Michele Filgate