Paste Magazine: A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING named one of the top 10 Must-Listen Audiobooks

Paste Magazine has compiled a comprehensive list of 10 Must-Listen Audiobooks for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

This is a list that is for everyone, in its entirety. Every one of these stories and performances are valuable for every American (and beyond). So get listening!
— Alexis Gunderson, Paste Magazine

Tricycle: The Face in the Mirror, a book about the process of staying with

The book is about is the process of staying with: staying with one’s thoughts, even when they become boring or painful; staying with one’s face even when it is no longer so young and pleasing to look at; staying with one’s life, even as the losses loom and gather.
— Noelle Oxenhandler on Ruth Ozeki's The Face: A Time Code

Fall 2016
Tricycle Magazine
The Face in the Mirror
Noelle Oxenhandler

NBCC: 30 Books: Mark Athitakis on Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being”

This magical yet earthbound novel reveals and exemplifies the freedom you gain when you’re willing to rethink what “connection” means, and consider that it’s a different thing in every living moment.
— Mark Athitakis, Critical Mass, National Book Critics Circle blog

January 28, 2014
Critical Mass,National Book Critics Circle blog
30 Books: Mark Athitakis on Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being”
Mark Athitakis


Salon: A powerful, beautiful book

Ozeki is one of the smartest (and funniest) writers I know, and in this novel she flat-out knocks it out of the park. “A Tale for the Time Being” is as layered and mysterious as life and it’s overwhelmingly wise, reaching across lands and language and time to show the unity, solitude, confusion and hope at the heart of the human experience. A powerful, beautiful book.
— Junot Díaz, Salon

December 26, 2013
Salon’s Ultimate Book Guide For 2013
Michele Filgate

The Japan Times: Ozeki’s work reflects her complex identity

Ruth Ozeki’s recent novel, the 2013 Man Booker-shortlisted “A Tale For the Time Being,” is best described as a hybrid: a fictional masterpiece with footnotes and appendices like a research paper; a colorful scrawl of inventive creativity marked by scientific asides ranging from ocean gyres to quantum mechanics; a playful meta-fiction, the memoir Ozeki never wrote — an unforgettable Zen collusion of time and space housed within a paper shell.
— Kris Kosaka, The Japan Times

November 23,2013
The Japan Times
Ozeki’s work reflects her complex identity
Kris Kosaka

Man Booker Shortlist: We loved its spirit, in several senses

Ruth Ozeki’s wonderfully clever and vast-hearted A Tale For The Time Being is a turbulent story of two parts, told in counterpoint, and preoccupied with doublenesses and simultaneities. In keeping with the quantum physics that animate it, it manages to be at once tender and refined, comic and grave, hopeful and desperate. We loved its spirit, in several senses, and we are all Hello Kitty fans now.
— Robert Macfarlane, Chair of judges, 2013 Man Booker Prize

October 15, 2013
Man Booker Prize
Robert Macfarlane announces the Man Booker 2013 winner
Robert Macfarlane, Chair of judges, 2013 Man Booker Prize

The Telegraph: Booker Prize 2013 is a truly great shortlist

As the names were read out by Robert Macfarlane, chair of the judges, I realised the choices were both brave and solid – each one exceptional yet indisputably skilled; and as a collection, as a joint way of saying “this is what the novel can be”, it was incredibly exciting.
— Gaby Wood, The Telegraph

September 10, 2013
The Telegraph
Booker Prize 2013 is a truly great shortlist
Gaby Wood