Oh, brave new world...

Highspeed Internet at the Sheraton Vancouver Hotel. This is lux.
Quite a change from the erratic dial-up on the island where we live in Desolation Sound.
Seems apt to be launching my website and entering my first blog from Vancouver, here in WilliamGibsonland.
I wonder who is out there. I hope this will be fun.

The book tour for my new novel, "All Over Creation," starts tomorrow,
and I'm excited/anxious/scared...
It's always hard to make the transition from private to public,
hard to leave the cats and the chickens behind,
and it's really hard to be contemplating a month and a half of air travel right now.
Spent the ferry ride reading a great article by Jonathan Schell, in the new Harper's, entitled "No More Unto The Breach: Part 1: Why War if Futile."
Not that I needed any convincing, but if you know anyone who does, tell them to read this. Excellent historical perspective on the past century of war-making.

More on this later.

For now...I just want to get this blog thing happening. I hope to see my friends out there. Check out the tour schedule on the website, and drop by and say hi. It's an excellent time for solidarity.